About Crossbar Talent

Crossbar Talent Management Solutions is a disruptor for the existing Talent Management practices in India. We are reimagining the Talent Management process by creating an agile, modular ecosystem of systematically attracting, identifying, assessing, developing and enhancing employability & sustainability of candidates across levels. We are a cohort of like-minded, curious and innovative professionals with a strong process, digital technologies and analytics DNA having extensive experience across multiple domains and industries across geographies. Our approach is strictly agile, modular and bespoke addressing the real needs of the employers as well as potential employees by leveraging human-centred design techniques.


  • On the demand side, CROSSBAR partners with key Industry players and design curriculum to exactly match their requirements
  • On the supply side, CROSSBAR partners with the Institutions to bring the students upto the level of meeting the industry requirements, mostly by leveraging the already existing infrastructure and plugging the gaps




Crossbar provides great atmosphere to learn and practice. Thanks to Crossbar, I could see the change in my communication skills within a week only. Their teaching method is fantastic, they give lot of activities and tasks during the sessions which helped me gaining the confidence while communicating. They consider communication gaps of every single student and they have many strategies and methods to help students overcome these problems.
Yashpal Singh
Crossbar is a great place to learn business English and improve overall communication skills. I really like this institute because they are available all the time whenever I need to connect with them. Crossbar provides excellent methods and materials to improve overall communication like - daily exercises, personal interactions, group discussions and many more. All the team members of Crossbar are very supportive and always available to help.
Danish Khan