Client Background

Our client is a global professional services firm primarily focusing on business transformation, driving digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations for Global Fortune 500 companies.

They are present in more than 30 countries with an unmatched level of expertise in running operations for banks, insurers, and consumer good firms


Being a leader in providing servvices across the Financial Crime Domain, our client is managing End to End AML KYC processes for many of the large Global Banks. As a proactive measure, they wanted to be ready for all future growth and hence were looking for engaging an external KYC AML Domain Expert to deliver deep domain knowledge and training.
Crossbar came up with the solution, having deep Financial Crime domain experts in its panel and created a customised program for two weeks for a group of 25 resources having an average vintage of ~6 years with the client.


The team was able to gain a very good understanding on AML KYC concepts, process and thrilled about the expertise gained in the complex subject topics like identifying Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBOs), Sanctions and Watchlist Screening, CDD/EDD and many more. 


A customised program
was created
considering the
different levels of
participants with
regards to AML KYC
knowledge, experience
and background.

The program focused
on coaching and
mentoring the
participants by not
only making them
understand the
concepts, but also
providing them
exposure to the real
world situations.

Every subject area was
supported by real life
case studies and
examples which were
discussed in an open,


“It was fantastic program & the knowledge I got in this program was phenomenal in terms of KYC/AML. As it was something new for me. And after the program I am really pretty much sure all the terms and knowledge of KYC/AML. It is really helpful and fantastic”

“The basic thing was connect and make us understand how the thing are going around & how the FCC is present in today world, which was new for me & finally understood about it “

“First day of training, I just knew the meaning of AML &
definition but after the training of AML. I got to know the
importance of AML & most of the topic which I never heared
before. It was very good training to learn many new things”

“For me it was a very good and knowledgeable session. As I am not from banking and AML background so it was very helpful in gaining my overall knowledge. All thanks to Vivek Sir for cooperating with me and not letting down in front of others as well as other are having Banking/ AML background at least thank you for teaching us specially me.”

“One of the best trainer, I have come across my 12 years of tenure in Genpact. He has a very good thought process toward the domain & has all the require skill sets. Has the ability to connect with every trainee and made us comfortable”

“Before attending the Program, I have a limited knowledge about AML/KYC domain however after being attend the program I do have good background on AML/KYC. I guess I do better in process & provided knowledge will defienetly in future. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.”

Vivek Sir explains all the topics very well. Conceptual Wise He is a rockstar. He teachs us very satisfactorily. He is a genius. His knowledge is awesome last but not least I want to take a number of training from Vivek sir only.

“The sessions were very interactive & fruitful. I like the disciplined session which Vivek you have maintained. Thanks.”

“My overall experience at the training holds by Mr. Vivek
was really interesting & intutive. The way in which concepts
unfolder was really good. Just a little more handouts for
real time examples provided could help”

The way of training was excellent as it was a two way communication always. Examples shared really helped understanding the concepts