Our client is a global professional services firm primarily focusing on business transformation, driving digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations for Global Fortune 500 companies with presence in more than 30 countries and an unmatched level of expertise in running operations for banks, insurers, and consumer good firms.

Due to COVID-19 lockdown situation, the requirement was to remotely train associates on Institutional KYC for a Social Media Giant – one of the prestigious accounts for our client.

These candidates were all based out of their home towns in different parts of India.  


Crossbar partnered with the client and worked with the client SMEs to create a robust 10 Days Institutional KYC Learning Path. The program focused on coaching and mentoring the participants by not only making them understand the concepts, but also providing them exposure to the real world situations.

Every subject area was supported by real life case studies and examples which were discussed in an open, interactive environment.

Entire training was conducted effectively leveraging online collaboration tools with zero disruption ensuring NO difference from a traditional  Classroom Training.

World Class Training Content was created with Crossbar Contributing with Generic Training content and the Client SMEs contributing with specific Case Studies on PEPs & Sanctions Screening and Customer Due Diligence. All the sessions were specially designed to ensure participation from all the candidates – with lots of exercise, test and assessments.


The team was able to gain a very good understanding on AML KYC concepts, Client Life Cycle Management, PEPs and Sanctions Screening, identifying Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBOs), Transaction Monitoring and many more.




“I really enjoyed the program. Thanks a ton to both Vivek and Neeraj for this wonderful training! One thing that I really liked and appreciate is the sources provided in the study material. Those are invaluable for a beginner like me!! I’d definitely recommend friends in the second batch about this program. Thanks again to Vivek, Neeraj and the entire Crossbar team for making this happen!”

Vivek has been an incredible person to share his knowledge to us. Very informative and explanatory. Meek and very passionate about teaching. The training was well organised and however the time management was lacking here and there.. Planning the day could have made better.

“Really great time to learn about AML/KYC process. The way transferring knowledge from your side is too good to understand. On my first day of training i don’t have that much knowledge about AML&KYC but now i will say very confidently rating 8/10. Full credit goes to Vivek and Neeraj. Thanks a lot both of you”

“Hello Vivek/Neeraj/Vinay/Ankit- Learned lot from you people like AML/KYC wise and how to take classes without boring. this was my first Online live classes it went really well and thanks for the knowledge. AML/KYC wise when the classes started two weeks before I was a zero on these topic now I am understood and if anyone asks about KYC I sure I can explain it well thanks VIVEK and NEERAJ for this great session . You guys will be always remembered for this great session. and ALL THE BEST for CROSSBAR”

“Highly energetic trainers and they were on supporting always and they have in-depth knowledge of finance function. Vivek’s energy will be the same from morning to evening with tremendous knowledge and Neeraj is the most depth trainer who always ready to take questions and give the best answers”

Really great time to learn about AML/KYC process.The way transferring knowledge from your side is too good to understand. On my first day of training i don’t have that much knowledge about AML&KYC but now i will say very confidently rating 8/10. Full credit goes to Vivek and Neeraj. Thanks a lot both of you.

It was good to know the new process where I didn’t know before, and the way of teaching was excellent from both of you, yes we really enjoyed and 9 days we spent together is tremendous and end to end knowledge sharing , overall we are good enough to work on KYC. Thank you both of you for your efforts and making us understand in everystep.

IT was by far the best training sessions ever attended. Trainers attending were very resourceful and  and made sure each and everyone participated in the session. A truely enriching experience. Thank You.

“Knowledge of trainers on the materials was amazing. Their expertise and real life examples made the sessions more lively. Their passion in training the individual not sticking just for the sake of training but uplifting the each and every participants. Their presence of mind is commendable, they are updated with all the current news and happenings. Their passion towards training and patience level is at its highest level. I appreciate their support and will miss them for sure.