Our Partners

Mindskillz provide for Innovative End-to-End Learning and Developmental solutions.

Mindskillz is based out of Bangalore with a pan India presence in 33 cities with 430+ trainers with multilingual competency

The approach is to involve every team and every individual in the organization to drive results. The tangible measures of learning drive us to achieve results around improvements, quality, customer experience, productivity, and costs

The availability and accessibility of digital online training, allows us to create a continuous learning culture within organizations

Swipetask has its roots in Stockholm, Sweden and Singapore. At Swipetask we are profound believers in that; “Clarity leads to power”.  Our goal is to offer an industry-leading mobile task-productivity solution. Our focus is to empower the individual work-crew to do a better and more productive job, through simple and actionable “clarity”.

Swipetask is built on our own multi-industry and real-life experiences over many years, and not hypothesis. We understand the need of real-time information, clear and fast communications, quick response/feed-back, mobile micro-learning, receiving intelligent notifications and the need for a motivated crew. 

Multiverse Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm which specializes in delivering high value, high impact transformation services for startups, government and enterprises.

We aspire to be best professionally managed multi-consulting and operations company globally, providing best in class & hands on boutique management consulting services to our clients in areas of of Project/Program/Portfolio Management, Agile product development, Agile WOW, and Operations management ethically and sustainably. We live and breathe philosophy of “Mountain is only in your mind” and “Problems are there so that we can solve them”

I Care Foundation A.C. is a registered non-profit organization with SAT Under RFC ICF170405LQ5 since April 5th 2017. Just over three years ago, Kapila Arora, a math teacher, founded I Care with a passion to provide opportunities to all children regardless of their economic situation.

It was started with the goal that no one is left behind. We believe that every person can contribute to improve a child’s life quality. 

Our mission is to improve the life of families in vulnerable communities of Mexico, supporting community development through health, education and environmental campaigns.

International Trade Link Pvt. Ltd. is one of the reputed recruiting agencies in Nepal. This company is registered under Nepal Government, Ministry of Labour. (No. 706/064/065). Till now our Company has been successful to satisfy the demands of many Gulf countries in the Middle East for their manpower requirement.

First and foremost objective of this agency is to legally generate equal employment opportunities to various categories of labour force and professional personnel to overseas countries. We, in this organization, make all efforts to keep in touch with workers from the time of sending them abroad until their return after the completion of their project or in most cases, till their transfer to other countries as well.